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User interface, content is king or why the big idea still matters


After reading this post at Ogilvy’s social arm it got me thinking, “what they are really talking about is making sure you don’t drown the good stuff with too much fancy pants, skeuomorphism and unnecessary design cues”.


Infact most of seems to be a nod to iA’s typography design principles  and even more a nod to Microsoft’s Metro UI. Metro’s paired back swiss approach to user interface design is something from which Apple can definitely learn from.



Creatively directed by Mike Kruzeniski it’s principles are set in classic swiss grid systems which any designer worth his or her salt should know. If you are a creative or just interested in making your product or service easier to use then pick up Brockmann’s book and study it front to back and back to front at least twice. Then give yourself a big dose or Dieter Rams without whom we would never have had the simplicity of Apple’s products.


Most of all though it’s what you are saying “the content” that really matters, it should be engaging, either educational or entertaining with a big idea running through it. And we don’t mean some frivolous “show us your best holiday photo” something BIG, that gets people excited and want to be closer to you.